handwashing, interior, exterior & full auto detailing in Charleston County, SC

Tier 1 Detailing has over 20 years of experience providing clients with the highest quality in detailing. We provide handwashing, interior, exterior, and full detail services. Contact us today to get exact pricing and schedule your appointment.

Handwash Detail

All of the following services:


Exterior surfaces lathered with gentle cleansing shampoo

Vehicle carefully washed with “Virgin Lambs Wool” wash mitts

Tires, wheels and wheel wells thoroughly cleaned of any brake dust and then wiped clean


Vehicle washed free of any surface dirt, silt and ALL other contaminants


Door jams cleaned

Carefully rinsed with purified water

Vehicle hand-dried


Additional water trapped in seams, door jams and wheels are “force-air” dried

Tires conditioned, leaving a shiny “satin finish”

Interior floormats, carpeting between, underneath and surface of all seats are vacuumed

Console, dash, components and door panels dusted and wiped clean

Cupholders and door pockets vacuumed and cleaned

Minor spills or spotting cleaned and corrected
Windows and mirrors polished
Trunk and cargo areas vacuumed


All HANDWASHING services plus:

  • All personal items removed from vehicles interior
  • Any money, coins and personal effects found in ash trays and cup holders, will be carefully placed in zip lock baggies
  • Important documents from the glove box, visor, and center console will be collected in the same manner, yet stored separately
  • All other items collected from door panels, seat pockets or found under seats or cargo area will be carefully and safely bagged or boxed
  • Floor mats, cloth seats and all carpeting will be shampooed and extracted. Seats will be pulled forward and backwards so that the seat-tracking can be cleaned
  • Dashboard and components will be cleaned
  • Door panels, pockets, handles and buttons cleaned
  • Steering wheel and gear shift cleaned
  • Visors cleaned
  • Pillars (the “side-arms” connecting the dashboard to the headliner; or the “bar” in between the front and back seats where the doors latch or are connected to) will be cleaned
  • Headliner inspected and cleaned
  • Trunk and cargo areas meticulously cleaned
  • All leather and vinyl prepped and conditioned with appropriate conditioner (this leaves vinyl surfaces with a satin finish, and leather with a soft yet supple feel)

We never use silicon’s or petroleum products for cars’ interior leather or vinyl. Our interior detailing is often more expensive than our competitors. However, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality to our customers. The time spent on average for a personalized interior detail takes between 4 and 7 hours.


All HANDWASHING services plus:

  • All painted surfaces prepped to remove embedded contaminants
  • Door, trunk, and hood jams are opened and cleaned with PH balanced solution, removing ALL grease and built in crud and dirt
  • Paint and windows are carefully given a “clay bath” with soft polymer detailing clay (this safely removes surface contaminants and slight imperfections which have “bonded” with the clear coat)
  • Complete paint exfoliation
  • License plates removed: surfaces beneath are cleaned, prepped, and clayed.
  • All painted surfaces are polished and conditioned. We’ll rehydrate any dried and oxidized surfaces, then sealed with a polymer based synthetic wax (Pure Brazilian Ivory Carnauba by request – pricing by estimate only).
  • Wax hand-buffed with an ultra-thick 70/30 blend of microfiber towels
  • Exterior trim conditioned
  • Wheels and chrome polished to a high shine and protected
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished
  • License plates cleaned, polished and replaced

Prices are structured for cars in “normal wear” condition. Vehicles that are heavily soiled (e.g. driven off road, driven on the beach, have excessive animal hair, etc) may cost more.

Full Detail

Services included are listed in the HANDWASH, EXTERIOR detail and INTERIOR detail